JENNY TOURS  began operating Day Tours from Antigua to Montserrat in 1998.  Our company pioneered the business on the Antigua-Montserrat route and developed the marketing skills which showed that the excursion tourism business can be successful.

Because our service is second to none we have satisfied customers who have returned time and time again with their families and friends.

Montserrat, also known as the ‘Emerald Isle of the Caribbean’ boasts unspoilt lush tropical forests, black sand beaches and a serenity unlike anywhere else in the world.  It is a paradise for nature lovers, a place for vacation if you are looking for somewhere out of the ordinary.  Montserrat is located 27 miles South West of Antigua.

Montserrat is a small island of Irish heritage.  Irish Catholic settlers came here from St. Kitts to seek sanctuary from anti-Catholic sentiments.  The Irish culture is still evident today in festivals e.g. a week long celebration of activities for St. Patrick’s Day, the shamrock stamp in your passport, food and the names of people and villages.

Its nature at its best!  The Montserrat Soufriere Hills Volcano  which came to life in 1995 affecting the lives of all the inhabitants.  The Southern two thirds of the Island is completely devastated.  Although the south of the Island is unsafe for visitors, there are various safe vantage points from which visitors can see the devastation first hand.

Meet and mingle with the friendliest people on earth and learn how they co-exist with an active volcano.