Stay Over Visits

JENNY TOURS can arrange stay over visits for persons needing  quiet, peaceful accommodation for a few days, or a longer stay.  We can arrange accommodation for you throughout the year.

Should you wish a vacation, Montserrat is the place to be, where you can enjoy its tranquility, friendly people and experience first hand how Montserratians co-exist with an active volcano.  Nature has a way of building our resilience thereby aiding us in the rebuilding process – mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

There are choices of a hotel, guest houses such as the Montserrat Moments Guest House, villas like Erindell Villa and Gingerbread Hill or houses suitable for families or small groups at affordable rates.  Montserrat can be considered ‘a home away from home’ offering the warmest hospitality from the friendliest people on earth.

For the environmentalists and nature lovers, there is a camp site at Mount Pleasant.  Also any group who like the outdoors would enjoy such an atmosphere.  Those of you who have your own camping equipment, you are most welcome.

 Let JENNY TOURS take all the hassel off you so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.  You can do this by letting us make all your arrangements.  Prices are attactive and affordable.